Following your dreams? Don’t turn left at the Fist. Something snaps when failed rock musician and disgraced reporter Will Harkanen reads an obituary for an old friend who died in a car crash in Detroit. On the far side of middle age and the brink of divorce, Will quits his boring job to reconnect with his past and pursue the dreams of his youth. In doing so he unravels an ugly mess of blackmail, bribery and corruption that may have led to his friend’s death. As Will chases his dreams, he realizes too late that his dreams are chasing him.



If you have to write a speech and aren’t quite sure how to go about it, you have come to the right place. “Speech Right” is intended for people who volunteered—or were drafted—to write a speech for themselves, their boss, their professor, their client, or anyone else who has been called on to stand and deliver in front of an audience. In addition to beginners, it also will be useful—or at least mildly amusing and cathartic—for seasoned professionals.

Whatever your current skill level, “Speech Right” will help you write the speech right.